A large majority of Partners leverage online marketing blogs from companies like Hubspot or MarketingSherpa to plan out their marketing activities. Despite the ample amount of free content, these tactics are not tested within the Microsoft Dynamics Partner community. It might not even be relevant for B2B marketing!

At The Partner Channel, we engage with Partners all the time through The Partner Channel Magazine, social media channels, and at community events. What we've found? What may work for most companies out there, doesn't necessarily work for Microsoft Dynamics Partners. It's a different world: longer sales cycles and constantly changing technology just to name a few.

Marketing in the Microsoft Dynamics Community Reports is a new offering from The Partner Channel to make online marketing advice relevant to your business. Each month, we’ll report on a hot topic and speak directly with Partners to see how those trends have worked or not worked at their businesses. Not only will you take away valuable best practices from your peers' experience, you'll build knowledge about the Microsoft Dynamics community as a whole.

Our first report centers around the challenge many Partners face managing their exploding contact database. Many of us have too many contacts than we know what to do with and that can lead to low email engagement and high spam rates. Graymail is the term used for email contacts who signed up for communications from you but don't engage with any of your emails. They've never clicked a link and may have never even opened your emails. This can reflect badly on your email marketing efforts.  

Check out this report at http://thepartnerchannel.com/marketing-in-the-microsoft-dynamics-community/beware-of-graymail/ to see how others are managing graymail and improving all-around email marketing efforts!

Have you purged contact lists before? Let us know how it worked out by commenting below.


By Bethany Foyt, Marketing and Communications Manager