Bonnie Robertson and Pam McGee took The Partner Connections Event 2014 (#TPCE14) stage this morning for an inspiring, educational, and extremely interesting presentation about becoming a “Magnetic Company” and asking all the right questions, such as- “can we really have it all?”

Bonnie and Pam confirmed companies CAN be profitable while also having happy employees all thanks to a simple equation:

The RIGHT People + SIMPLE Processes= SUSTAINABLE Profits

A key component to this equation is finding the right people for your organization AND keeping those people happy.

Bonnie and Pam spoke first about how to find the right people by searching for 3 key similarities:

  1. A willingness to learn.

  2. In it for the greater gain of the company and not just their own ego.

  3. Works well with a team.

Great stories, informative research, and even some humor from Monday’s #TPCE14 keynote really got attendees thinking outside of the box, preparing them for a great learning experience while at The Partner Connections Event 2014.