Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0 Cumulative Update 5 (CU5) has been released on CustomerSource and PartnerSource. This update is available to all customers who subscribe to a Microsoft Dynamics Maintenance Plan.



Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0 Cumulative Update 5 (CU5) is cumulative and contains all hotfixes that were released after Feature Pack 2 (FP2).

New Features

Cumulative Update 5 includes the following new features: 

  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics Online Payment Services. This integration provides up-to-date access to Microsoft Dynamics Online services and, through the Payment Services software development kit, provides new customization options for partners and payment processors who want additional payment options.

    The previous Microsoft Dynamics Online integration (sometimes referred to as "version 1") no longer appears as an option on the EDC tab of the Configuration dialog box in Store Operations Administrator. If you have been using that option, your settings will be preserved in the registry and you can continue to do so. However, we strongly encourage you to move to the latest integration, which has been validated against the latest PCI Payment Application Data Security Standard. For more information about how to update your system, see "Integrating EDC software" in Store Operations Administrator Online Help.

  • In support of current industry standards, Store Operations now sends reversals instead of refunds for voids of debit purchase and return transactions and for transactions that time out.

  • Store Operations now rejects payment processing connections that do not use strong ciphers (128 bits or higher).


    • This change was implemented as part of our validation against version 2.0 of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Payment Application Data Security Standard and our effort to keep Microsoft Dynamics RMS PCI compliant.

    • Changes to your environment might be necessary to maintain PCI compliance in your organization. For more information, see the most up-to-date PCI Data Security Standard for merchants and see the latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics RMS Implementation Guide for PCI Compliance, available in the Cumulative Update 5 Downloads section on the CU5 download page.

Changed Functionality

Cumulative Update 5 includes the following changes in functionality:

  • The "-q" switch introduced in hotfix rollup 2735491 for suppression of warning messages in Headquarters Client has been added to Headquarters Server, Voucher Server, and Voucher Client. To suppress warning messages for these programs, change the shortcut for the program so that it looks something like this (with the path adjusted for your system and with the correct executable name):

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Retail Management System\Headquarters\HQServer" –q

  • The following obsolete payment options have been removed from the EDC tab of the Configuration dialog box in Store Operations Administrator.

    • PC-Charge

    • ICVerify

    • Atomic Authorizer

    • WinTI / European EFT

    Note These integrations have not been PCI validated and are no longer supported by Microsoft. Customers who wish to continue using these options can do so by explicitly setting the registry key for these integrations to True. The registry key is:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Retail Management System\Store Operations\POSUser\EDC\<Payment Option>

  • The behavior of Style 251: Update Inventory – Item Prices worksheet has been updated. The Cost and Profit Margin columns have been made read only to prevent costs set by the store manager from being inadvertently overwritten.

  • The Original PO number has been added to the PO receipt in Headquarters Manager and Store Operations Manager.

  • The item list in both Store Operations Manager and Headquarters Manager opens with active items shown by default. As before, if you make another selection in the list, this selection is preserved through the session.

Other Improvements

In addition to the new features changed functionality listed above, Cumulative Update 5 includes fixes for the following issues:

  • You receive the following error message when you process debit transactions:

    "Connection error: Authorization response contained NAK or ENQ. Please try again. None = 0, Source = "

  • You receive an error when you try to settle credit or debit transactions that were voided in Terminal Offline mode.

  • When you export a new store database from Headquarters with Microsoft SQL Server 2012, the centrally maintained data is not populated and the store ID is incorrect.

  • You receive the following run-time error message when you try to approve a Style 251: Update Inventory – Item Prices worksheet that is missing a date field:

    "Run-time error '-2147217887 (80040e21)': Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value."

  • Incorrect opening amounts are shown in the Inventory Valuation report.

  • Deadlock issues can occur when you tender transactions or work on purchase orders on multiple registers, or when you run reports on one machine while transactions are being processed on other registers.

  • The Help button in the Top Cashier report in Headquarters Manager does not work as expected.

  • Matrix item component costs are not updated correctly when new matrix items are created.

Have a great week!

Gregg Kosel
Microsoft Dynamics RMS/POS Technical Support Escalation Engineer