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Derrick Jackson asked a question on 18 Jan 2009 9:02 PM

Hello.  We need some advice with our Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0 setup.

 We know Chase Paymantech is the default processor, and we did talk to them.  However, we already purchased the Ingenico 6550 machine.  Chase does not support this unit, only the smaller receipt driven units.  The Ingenico 6550 will save us time and resources through each transaction.

 Can someone recommend a merchant processor that supports the Ingenico 6550?  It would help if you have the same setup, because we tried testing the signature capture without success.  If our unit could be made to function like Walmart or Walgreens units, that would be ideal.  Our equipment list is as follows:


IBM 4610-TF6 Receipt Printer (Serial, Using Serial to USB adapter)

Metroscan Voyager 9520 (Serial, Using serial to USB adapter)

MMF Val-u-Line Cash Drawer (Printer Driven, but I think we have the wrong cable.  It doesn't open when it's suppose to)

KaneSwipe USB Card Reader

Ingenico 6550 (Signature, PinPad, Credit Reader)

We are currently operating as a Cash only business.

Thanks for your time and answers in advance.




njmsrmsmi responded on 24 Feb 2009 2:12 PM

Mercurypay would work with Ingenico 6550

Ruben Garza responded on 27 Feb 2009 7:45 AM

Hello Derrick,

We are RMS 2.0 certified and have successfully deployed the Ingenico 6550 with RMS 2.0. We are also a Mercury Payments partner and can help you get setup if you have not resolved this issue.


Ruben Garza 

Wineman 1856 responded on 1 Apr 2009 8:07 AM


 Mercury will support the Ingenico i6550 with RMS as well as a company in Connecticut Matt Bohannan [] thye have an inteface for the Ingenico that I believe works with any processor.

 Good luck


Brandon Klassen responded on 1 Apr 2009 9:30 PM

 Hi Derrick,

You've found several suggestions regarding plugins and vendors that will integrate your device with RMS. Unfortunately I haven't found any plugins that will provide the complete customer experience that you're looking for. We are currently working with a vendor to integrate some terminals into RMS but they are dependent on good cashier training and we definitely haven't ironed out the bugs.

 I'm still keeping my ear to the ground for an integration that will allow the customer walk up to the device, swipe their card, authorize the transaction, then prompt the customer for signature or PIN depending on the card type (credit/debit), and preferably the dollar value of the transaction, since rate advantages change as the charge goes up, and will run gift directly from the terminal.

Please do provide feedback if you find something that you really like and that meets all of your needs. There are too many good businesses out here being hampered by a lack of good tech on what should be a solid platform.



Derrick Jackson responded on 20 Apr 2009 6:46 PM

We decided to sign with Mercury Payment Systems.  Actually, we went ahead and purchased another Ingenico, the i6780.  It's being encrypted now, but the cost for an additional RMS license is too high.  So we are limited to one POSr.  I think retail hero has a solution for integrating card terminals with RMS.

 We have not contacted them yet, but I've been reading through some of their add-ons.  Let me know what you think.



System Solutions responded on 19 May 2009 8:04 PM

System Solutions has an RMS Add On that will integrate RMS with Ingenico(s): Displays your logo or advertisement on the Ingenico, Prompts for Debit / Credit or other that you may need, Displays totals, or we can create custom forms for your Ingenico.  If you are having problems with RMS / Ingenico in general, we can help with that as we know the integration at a very detailed level.  Contact us at:

Brandon Klassen responded on 19 May 2009 9:13 PM

 Hi Derrick,

I just wanted to check your status. Did you find someone who was able to help you out? Just wanted to hear whether you'd found a good solution for making the 6780 a little more user friendly. I did have mine processing credit/debit with vital and GC's through smart transactions via the EVT Retail plugin. We just couldn't get the rates we were looking for with vital. How is the user experience with your configuration?

Keep us in the loop,



Derrick Jackson responded on 22 May 2009 8:50 AM

You know.  Microsoft says only Ingenico model i6550 is supported on RMS 2.0.  However, I found that RMS 2.0 also works with the i6780.  There are Certified Partners that claim it won't work, because microsoft doesn't support it.  Rediculous!  What's more, they said it while indicating they had no i6780 to test with.  The i6780 is nothing more than an i6550, with a larger footprint and color screen.  We signed with Mercury Payment Systems to process debit/credit transactions, but can not gauge the service yet.  However, we think deposits should be fullfilled on any day.  Despite of a subjective interpretation of what constitutes a business day.  Show me a retailer that doesn't consider Saturday or Sunday a business day; even banks have become more practical and offer limited hours on weekends. 

 Our store initially opened to cash only purchases.  But we closed and modified the business, and now can process credit/debit transactions.  The only remaining issues are the Signature Capture and printing it on the receipt.  I feel like RMS is the Wild Wild West of POS Software.  No boundaries, and lots of profiteering opportunities.  I think the main proponent of it is the add-on.  We were just quoted $750 for the Signature feature.  Our POS is setup with a Netscreen and the Ingenico I6780.  No Line display is connected, but the Pole Display data is being sent to the I6780.  When purchases are ready to be tendered, of course the screen doesn't change.  You have to ask the customer to swipe, but there is nowhere to sign onscreen if it's a credit transaction.  Instead, two receipts are printed, one with a signature line and one without.  Would we like the functionality of the big chains checkout?  Yes, but without the price.  Microsoft should have adopted Atari's slogan.  Power without the Price.  But this is just my opinion, and is not meant to offend anyone.  We will of course have to conform, and apply one of the ubiquitous RMS Signature Capture Solutions.  Do you have a signature capture solution?


Brandon Klassen responded on 22 May 2009 9:49 AM

 Hi Derrick,

Are you using the Ingenico OPOS drivers? You should be able to configure your signature capture natively in RMS using the OPOS drivers. Make sure that you add the sigcap device object in the Ingenico OPOS, configure your RMS in SO Manager so that the register has an entry in the Signature Capture tab with an object name matchine the OPOS name, then you will also have to go into your tenders and make sure to check the "require signature" box for any tenders that you will be capturing signatures on. Lastly, in Manager, go into your receipt configuration and remove the "print CC signature" and "print slip" options, apply it, and you should be good to go. It works on the i6550, should be the same for the 6780 if what you're telling us is correct, and I have no reason to believe otherwise.

 Good luck!


System Solutions responded on 22 May 2009 10:56 AM

Derrick I am afraid you will need an Add On to print the signature on receipt paper.  In addition the Add On will print the signature on the receipt in the Journal viewer so if you reprinted a receipt from the there, the sig would be on it. The add on is $399.  Both Ingenico's named above will work with RMS and the Add On, we have programmed them both.  The Forms displayed look a little different but they are programmable. The HCL list does not necessarily keep up with all the new products.  We use Topaz sig pads as well and they are not on the list.  If you have House Accounts, you can also print statements with copies of the receipts automatically with the statement and signature too.  Need any more information: and choose Contact.

Brandon Klassen responded on 22 May 2009 11:12 AM

 Hey all,

Just to follow up on the theme of signatures on receipts, I have talked to a number of people about this and there is no reason that you should be handing a customer a receipt that has their signature on it. This is a liability for you and for them. It's YOUR responsibility to protect the customer's personal data and issuing a copy of their signature to the public (yes, it's in the customer's hands, but why would they want a copy of their own signature in the first place?) endangers them to fraud and you to liability for that fraud. Don't do it. Leave the signature in the database where it's at least partly obfuscated and password protected and covered by MS's PCI compliance requirements. You are aware that to view or print the signature if anyone ever asks you simply look up the transaction in the journal and click the Tenders button, right?

Hope that helps!


Christine Speedy responded on 11 Jan 2010 7:26 PM

Hi Derrick

I realize some time has passed since this post, but I'm not sure you ever got exactly what you wanted.

I can integrate RMS 2.0 with Ingenico 6550/ 6580 and Paymentech.  And it will work as you say 'like Walmart'. Our CenPOS intelligent technology will identify the lowest cost way to process a transaction, capture signature and protect against internal/external fraud; keep your existing  payment processor or if you have the volume, I can get you wholesale pricing. contact me at


Wineman 1856 responded on 12 Jan 2010 1:29 PM

I think that Mercury Payment Systems is the best with the Ingenico. They offer great service as well as a free gift card program. But the best point is they know the Ingenico. Just for reference RMS has some problems with interfacing the Ingenico. The drivers can have intermittent problems where the communicatiosn is lost with the terminal and you have to restart the Ingenico and the RMS application or sometime even the computer. There are software applications that are said to improve the communications between RMS and the Ingenico but I have no experience with them and can't tell you if there is any improvement. I use the Ingenico and it does work and it improves the flow of the sale. The communication problems are an annoyance  but far from a deal breaker. If you want more details email me.

Darrin Duhamel responded on 16 Jul 2010 1:40 AM
Hi Brandon. You seem to be quite knowledgeable on Microsoft RMS 2.0 and Ingenico Signature Capture devices. I have been using RMS since before the days when Microsoft acquired the company that developed the software; hence I am very comfortable with the software. However I am new to Ingenico Sig Cap devices. I have noticed that there are version that list UPOS and separate units that list OPOS support. I am currently running OPOS for my existing peripherals. Is there a difference between UPOS & OPOS units? If so, will it affect interoperability with RMS 2.0? Like many others I have just shifted my business to Mercury Pay. I have NOTHING nice to say about First Data. Thanks for your assistance! DD
System Solutions responded on 23 Jul 2010 7:30 PM


You will need UPOS for your Ingenico.  If you want Ingenico to perform beyond basic signature functionality ie. prompt the customer in various ways, display logo, advertisting, running totals, store receipt with signature for reprint of receipt with signature, print receipt with signature etc. you can take a look at either of these plug ins:

Ingenico Controls:


Signature Capture and Print:


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ed boyer responded on 15 Aug 2011 6:20 PM

Bank of America supports them.  Also any processor that uses FDMS or Vital should be able to support them.  You might have to get them injected seperately if using debit.

Also I dont recomment using an serial to usb adapters due to problems I have encountered with them.  If you can add a PCMCIA serial card or PCI/PCI Express serial card.

I have installed several Ingenicos 6550 for customers but they are all using POS 2009.  

To my knowledge you need the OPOS version and it will require the Ingenico OPOS drivers.   You might be able to find these online.

If not reply and I can email them to you.

Another helpful link:


Ed Boyer

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Wineman 1856 responded on 8 Feb 2012 6:48 AM

Mercury Payment is the best for Ingenico 6550 with RMS I used them for years with minimal problems. It is best if you connect the 6550 via serial and not USB this alleviates almost all problems with the connection dropping between the POS and the Ingenico.