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Touchscreen keyboard and Windows 10 issue

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Forum

JesseBoan asked a question on 5 Apr 2017 7:12 PM
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We are testing a possible upgrade on our registers from POSReady7 to 10 Enterprise. During my testing, I found some weirdness in the touchscreen keyboard that is built in to RMS.  

For example, I ring up an item, but then want to delete the item. Our standard procedure is to tap the Up arrow key, then tap the Del button to delete the item. If I tap the up arrow key with the touch screen, the window loses focus and the item is not selected, and the Del button does nothing. That is annoying enough on it's own, but here's the weirdest part: if I use a usb mouse and click on those same keys, it works. The number keys are the same way, I cannot tap in an item lookup code into the transaction window, but I can tap it in via mouse clicks. It only seems to fail if I use a touch screen as the input method. I've also noticed that when touching those keys, the buttons do not change to their "button down" color during the press (inverted by default I believe). But they do change if I click them with the usb mouse. 

I tried running Store Operations POS in compatibility mode, and even tried it on various brands of touchscreen hardware (ELO, HP, etc), they all do the same thing. 

Our POS lanes do not have physical keyboards or mice, and they don't have the room to put them in. We also have 400+ lanes so just adding cheap keyboards is not really an option. The version of RMS we are running is 2.0.2022. Any ideas on how to get around this?

ToddB responded on 26 Apr 2017 2:37 PM
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Hi Jesse,

Thank you for your post.

I would recommend contacting the Windows team regarding this issue as the last touchscreen keyboard issue that was reported (prior to the end of mainstream support for RMS) turned out to be a Windows issue and it was recommended that the issue be reported to the Windows team.

RMS is in extended support, and no additional RMS hotfixes will be released.

The last hotfix, released in 2016, has not yet been added to the hotfix page for RMS; and it is for build 2.0.2023.

This was due to some user experience issues that should now be resolved; and these did not affect the functionality of this build.

For your information, here are the issues resolved by hotfix 61 which is not in the list above:

• Quantity Received to Date column in the GMROI and Inventory Turns by Item report in Headquarters Manager reflect zeros instead of the correct data.
• "<<CStateMachine::ExecuteState>> Error 91: Object variable or With block variable not set (Unhandled Error, state=’9’) An error was detected, connection will be aborted.” When processing a Style 401: Data Upload worksheet in the middle of a transaction.
• Matrix Component item LastUpdated does not update when modifying price in base Matrix item
• Option “Display landed cost details” not saved in Headquarters Manager >> File >> Configuration.
• Items may show as duplicated on the Receive tab of the Items in Transit Report In Headquarters Manager.

NOTE: Mainstream support for RMS 2.0 ended on 7/10/2016; and extended support for RMS 2.0 ends on 7/13/2021.

The below blog post has some additional information:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Tonie Fuhr responded on 2 May 2018 11:26 AM

Hi Jesse,

Did you find a resolution to this problem by chance?  Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Tonie R Fuhr

Ideal Computer Solutions, Inc.

Kevin Antosh responded on 3 May 2018 8:40 AM
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Hi Jesse, I'm on version 2.0.2022 with Windows 10 Pro on a Surface Pro 4 tablet and not able to replicate the problem that you describe. Have you checked with your Microsoft Dynamics RMS partner for possible suggestions?  If you do not have a Microsoft Dynamics RMS partner, RITE's support team can be reached at 888-267-7483. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance - it might also be a good time to start thinking about RMS replacement options with the end of extended support for RMS coming up in 2020 or 2021 depending on your annual maintenance status.

JesseBoan2 responded on 3 May 2018 9:29 AM

Hi Kevin,

I am able to replicate the issue on my Surface Pro 4, I just tried it and it still does this. Allow me to clarify a bit as I suspect you may not have replicated the exact issue. I am talking about the touchscreen keyboard that is built in to RMS. You  set it up in SO Manager, then in POS you press Ctrl + F6 and enable it from there. We set up ours so that the that the transaction window is above the touchscreen keyboard, so that both are on screen at the same time and take up the entire screen. For example, if the screen resolution has a height of 1000, we would set the transaction window to start at position zero with a height of 500, and the touchscreen keyboard window to start at 500 with a height of 500.  

If you use a mouse to click the buttons on that keyboard, it works fine. However, if you use your finger and actually touch the screen, it loses focus and the buttons do not function.

We are in motion for a replacement system so this is not much of an issue for us anymore.

Kevin Antosh responded on 3 May 2018 9:34 AM
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Thanks Jesse - it is working fine for me following exactly as you describe. Sounds like you are moving on anyway. I appreciate the update!

Tonie Fuhr responded on 4 May 2018 6:13 AM

Hi Kevin,

I can replicate this issue, I assume there is no fix?

Tonie Fuhr

Kevin Antosh responded on 4 May 2018 8:39 AM
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Hi Tonie, looks like it is hit and miss. Not sure why it works for some and not others. You can always contact your Microsoft Dynamics RMS Partner to see if they have any suggestions. If you do not have a Microsoft Dynamics RMS partner, Microsoft offers support via 888-477-7877 or RITE has several RMS technicians and can be reached at 888-267-7483.

JasonPowell responded on 7 Aug 2018 1:39 AM

Hi Todd,

How do we report this to the Windows team as per your suggestion?


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