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RMS Server failure 111

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Alexander Faris asked a question on 1 Nov 2017 6:18 AM

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I have 3 POS machines. One PC has the store DB and every now and then POS shows this error message when I try to print a receipt.


Server Failure 111: A sever failure occurred while attempting to create

a journal entry.


I'm running SQL express 2008 and  I checked the DB space and there is plenty of space on the DB and PC hard drive. Any idea, what could that be please?

Althea ADS responded on 6 Jun 2018 8:22 AM

We have a customer with the same issue now - one register (out of 20) but only since a new receipt printer has been added to this machine.  No other registers have the issue and also plenty of space on the server and in DB.  I found a link to the old KB 862303 but it no longer works and cannot find the KB on Microsoft partner sites, either.  Can someone get some info out here on this?  Thanks!


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