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Pin based debit failing occasionally

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garyn asked a question on 20 Mar 2018 9:40 AM

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Hello everyone,

We have quite a few customers experiencing an issue with pin-based debit transactions that are still using native RMS with Verifone 1000SE pin pads.
The error they are getting is: Connection Error: Unable to Connect to remote host.  Unable to establish security context for this session  Num=0, Source=" 
We're working with TSYS to try to identify the problem but we could use more examples.  If you're experiencing this problem and are willing to help please reach out to me.
Ed Dodd responded on 20 Mar 2018 12:22 PM

Hi Garyn, 

I can only add my name to the list of those affected by this issue.  We are on RMS 2.0.2007.  Windows 7 Professional on PC's.  SQL Server 2012.  We were using Heartland to process.  We were using (3) Verifone 1000se pin pads for our (3) lanes.  All lanes were impacted with the issue.  This issue occured often enough that our staff stopped trying to process debits as debits, and ran all as cc's (undesirable).  I spoke with Heartland and they dismissed it as a POS side issue and referred me to our reseller.

Last week, we upgraded our system to Cayan as our processor and are now using Verifone MX925.  We no longer have the problem. 


garyn responded on 20 Mar 2018 12:48 PM

Thanks for the personal experience Ed, and I'm glad to hear it worked out for you.  We have provided a lot of RMS users with our CardDefender EMV payment integration so as to steer clear of the "straight" RMS processing, debit error.  As this problem is not a specific processor error, deploying CardDefender does not require a processor change for those not looking at changing or not conducting a rate evaluation at the moment.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

Others offer assistance on identifying the issue? 

Kevin Antosh responded on 21 Mar 2018 9:18 AM
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@garyn - The same exact problem has been happening at Super Lucky Market. We are in the process of getting a Card Defender quote.

Bradley Pace responded on 8 Jun 2018 6:13 PM
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Was you able to resolve this.  I have a client this started on last night and Heartland has not been very helpful.  Credit cards work without issue but debit quit working on all machines.

Kevin Antosh responded on 8 Jun 2018 6:30 PM
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Hi Brad, we have had a lot (as in well over 100) of RMS users whose processing has been effected by various processors (TSYS, Heartland, First Data, Cayan, ect) setting deadlines. A lot of this appears to be related to the TLS 1.2 deadline and/or RMS users on outdated software and hardware (specifically Windows XP, Verifone pin pads and/or USB/keyboard wedge mag stripe readers). The payment industry appears to be cracking down on outdated equipment.

So far, the more popular options top resolve the issue have been Card Defender or moving to stand alone payment terminals - although stand alone payment terminals bring new issues related to data entry errors (eg. the total sale amount is $14.50 but the employee enters $1.45 or $145.50 on the payment terminal).

We've also had several RMS users decide to move away from RMS and look at the low cost RMS replacement options like Retail Management Hero and Cloud Retailer.


Kevin Antosh


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