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Customization for RMS/HQ

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John Robinson asked a question on 5 Jun 2018 2:31 PM
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Looking to hire someone to customize the following for RMS/HQ.

We are an 11 store chain and run a custom report every week to see what item(s) we've sold out of a particular category.

Once I have that report, I paste it into EXCEL - remove items I no longer want or still show my having multiples of in stock.

That leaves me with a list of almost 50 items every week that I need to manually cut and paste into MANAGER and hit the CHECK STORES button to see if any of the other stores have EXTRAS of those items so I don't waste money restocking inventory that's already within the chain.

  Needless to say this is very time consuming when doing one at a time.

In a perfect world I'd like to be able to send the information from the excel spreadsheet (.csv file?) - have it check the item description compare it and kick back a report letting me know which locations have a stock level  >1 or a stock level >0  (whichever I choose) on ALL the items on the list vs one at a time. 

This way the individual store can have a clean report letting them know which locations to call and confirm on the extra inventory.

Let me know if this is something you or your company can do and I'd like to hire to you to make this.


Kevin Antosh responded on 5 Jun 2018 4:10 PM
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Hi John - we have done a bunch of customization for RMS and HQ over the years (partial list can be found at - some of these are being updated for RMH and RMH Central as well). Would you like me to have some one reach out to you to gather more details and provide a cost estimate? Or,  If easier,  you can contact Gary at our main office in Minnesota ( or 888-267-7483 x 4007.

John Robinson responded on 5 Jun 2018 4:26 PM
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Thanks Kevin - Just called Gary and left a message!

Kevin Antosh responded on 5 Jun 2018 4:34 PM
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Awesome!  I just gave Gary a link to the forum post so he can see your request. I also advised him to factor in RMS replacement options down the road since July of 2021 is not too far down the road.


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