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How can I shut down TLS 1.0 in RMS 2.0.2000

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Nathan Jung asked a question on 6 Jun 2018 7:14 PM

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I'm having trouble shutting down TLS 1.0 on my Windows 7 SP1 client machines and still being able to process credit cards.


 Windows 7 Pro Sp1

  SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3 with TLS 1.2 hotfix

 RMS 2.0.2000

 Retail Realm Cayan Processing Manager plug in Ver

 Cayan Genius Terminal

RMS works fine with TLS 1.0 disabled in registry Protocol keys, until I run a credit card transaction and then I get the following error:

As soon as I enable TLS 1.0 in the registry, it works fine.

How can I fix this so that I can turn off TLS 1.0 to be PCI compliant on July 1 2018?

Nathan Jung responded on 6 Jun 2018 7:17 PM

Sorry that the error didn't show up. Here it is in text:

Heading "RR RMS Cayan Payment Processing - Sale"

Error Message "Result: An error occurred while making the HTTP request to"

Kevin Antosh responded on 7 Jun 2018 8:36 AM
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Hi Nathan, I'm get conflicting information from different processors as to whether the solution you have can be TLS compliant. I'll let you know if I get a clear and concise answer from Cayan or Retail Realm. For now we have been advising customers to have stand alone payment terminals (or Square) ready just in case the processing stops working (or switch to another solution for RMS like Card Defender/upgrade to Retail Management Hero/Cloud Retailer). You should also ask your Microsoft Dynamics RMS Partner for advice as well. If you do not have a Microsoft Dynamics RMS Partner, paid support is available from Microsoft by calling 888-477-7877. We also offer paid support at RITE: 888-267-7483.

Nathan Jung responded on 7 Jun 2018 8:19 PM

I thought I had the latest Retail Realm Cayan Processing Manager plug in. It wasn't. However Version seems to have fixed the problem. I'll do some more testing and let you all know if it is truly fixed.

Thanks all.



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