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Godius asked a question on 12 Oct 2018 5:25 AM

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When posting transactions at the point of sales,for example a customer buys a product costing Ksh 2200 and he/she pays in two currencies e.g He/she pays Ksh 50 and the balance to pay in other currency lets say the balance is paid in Dollars at an exchange rate of 94$.This means the balance of Ksh 2150 was paid in dollars at an exchange rate of  94$ (2150/94) this should result to 22.8....$ that should be rounded off to the next dollar which at the POS it should show that a customer is to pay the balance of 23$.In this scenario the POS will show a balance that a customer is to pay is 22$ and when you post the transaction,the receipt will print 23$ hence resulting to a short of 1$ since you will have undercharge the customer by 1$.Kindly assist me to understand where the issue or where the settings is missing or rather not done well.

Thank you


Godius Maru.

Kevin Antosh responded on 12 Oct 2018 8:49 AM
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Hi Godius!  Have you check the rounding settings in RMS?  You can find more details in RMS Manager under "help" and then searching under topics using the word "rounding". There is some very detailed information that should help you out. Please advise if I can be of further assistance. Thanks!

Godius responded on 13 Oct 2018 4:56 AM


    Noted and thank you.Please note that i have checked the rounding off and everything is rounded to the required figure.Thank you


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