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I have 2 workstions, REG 101, REG 102.

somehow the REG 102 is in OFFLINE MODE, and rung up,

and then connect REG 102 to main server.

then if I make a z report, there is no sale amount, everything comes out "0"

I can print out z report which rung up in OFFLINE MODE?

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  • Often times when the POS goes from being in offline mode and syncs up with the live database, it blind closes the batch and you have to go into Store Operations Manager to run the Z report for the batch from offline mode.  

  • so you mean that once the offline transactions sync up with the live databse.

    I can't print the normal z report  in store operations POS?

  • Hello Nick,

    Once you synchronize the offline back onto the live database, it blind closes the batch.  You will then need to run the Z report in the Store Operations Manager.

    After running further sales in live mode, you should then be able to run a Z report for the expected data.

  • Nick,

    You need to print the z from Manager after it has been blind-closed.

    Manager | Journal | Update Batch Info | click on the Blind Closed batch number | do your z.

    -- Regards,

    Jeff Hobbs
    Check Point Software