Is there a way to email a sales order or quote to a customer?

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RMS provides the ability to email a purchase order.  Can the same be done with a sales order or quote?  Sometimes our customers request a copy of their sales order or sales quote.  Right now, we are having to print a copy, scan it into an image file and then email a copy of that image file to the customer.  Is there an add on, perhaps, to RMS that we can utilize?  We'd like to be able to email sales orders - would save a few sheets of paper along the way.

Any help appreciated!!

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  • Yes,  we have some software that allows for this. Contact information is below.

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  • I use PDFCreator for that purpose. It installs as a virtual printer and then you can print anything (receipts, quotes, etc) from the journal to pdf files.  It works great.

  • The Retail Realm Store Utility has an eReceipt function that allows you to send Work Order, Quote, Invoice etc... as an email.  Contact me for more info.

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