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This was a complete waste of money

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Nilsson Gonsalves asked a question on 1 Jan 2019 10:33 PM

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After 4 years of trying my best to make this work, I've reached the point where I have to admit to myself and my stakeholders that buying Microsoft Retail Solution was the most foolish decision I've ever made. Less than a year after I committed nearly $50k to deploying this software in my 5 stores, Microsoft announced the end of life. I didn't lose hope, since there was still several years before it would be completely dead. But now I'm stuck with an expensive, labor intensive and dated solution that isn't improving and won't integrate with anything unless I spend even more money trying to make a dead solution work. If it wasn't bad enough that Microsoft sold me such expensive software that is barely functional without the assistance of 3rd party apps, they've eliminated all the kb articles linked to from this community, which I've relied on until now to make this garbage software functional. Shame on you Microsoft, I wish I could afford to sue you.

Kevin Antosh responded on 3 Jan 2019 10:18 AM
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Hi Nilsson and sorry to hear about your experience with RMS. Microsoft announced that RMS/HQ was being retired in April of 2014. It sounds like you already have a Dynamics RMS Partner but please let me know if myself, or anyone at RITE, can be of assistance - I was just onsite with a chain of 16 stores in Portland, OR that are essentially the same as your stores and they use RMS/HQ very effectively.  Finally, while not as in depth as the Knowledge Base, we do have several RMS how to/help related articles here: .


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