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Z report - Sales plus Paid On Layaway = Total (confusion)

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SpokeFolk asked a question on 11 Feb 2019 2:55 PM

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Hi - We have been occasionally confused by the way our system deals with layaway, sales and totals.

We understand that when an item is placed on layaway, that it does not register as a sale.

What is confusing is the Z report on the day when the sale is final. 

Let's say a customer pays $1000 to finish paying off a $1200 item. The Z report shows the sale of $1200 (which we understand) and it shows the $1000 on Paid On Layaway (which also makes sense). But then the Total shows as $2200, which makes no sense to us at all. We certainly did not take in $2200. Why is it that the Z report would add these together?

Thank you

Kevin Antosh responded on 12 Feb 2019 9:19 AM
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Hi!  a few quick questions: 1) What version of RMS are you using? 2) Are you using the DRS bike store add-on for RMS (or any other add-ons/plug ins for RMS)? and 3) Do you have a G/L interface setup in RMS for any accounting software? Thanks! There is also some Z Report information in RMS Help as well as in the printed manual.

SpokeFolk responded on 13 Feb 2019 1:56 PM

Thank you for the response. To answer your questions:

1) What version of RMS are you using?  RMS V2.0.1006

2) Are you using the DRS bike store add-on for RMS?  Yes

3) Do you have a G/L interface setup in RMS for any accounting software? Would that be a general ledger interface? I don't think so. 

Thank you for mentioning the help info. This doesn't really help us understand why sales and paid on layaway are added together "A report that is similar to the X Report, except that generating this report closes the current batch. Generate this report at the end of each shift or once a day, ideally at closing time". However, I will endeavor to locate our printed manuals.

Thank you


Kevin Antosh responded on 13 Feb 2019 2:16 PM
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Hi Steve!  You may want to check with the folks at DRS to see if their plug in makes any changes to how work order or layaway deposits and payments are tallied in RMS. Assuming that the DRS plug in does not change anything, my understanding is that Microsoft set this up based on accounting practices as to when revenue is recorded and then transferred to accounting software in different "buckets" (as my accounting professor would call it).  It may be possible to alter the Z report or create a custom close out report that shows the data in a way that is more helpful to you - just speak with you Microsoft Dynamics RMS Partner about that.  Note that I was not able to replicate your issue as I am on a different version of RMS.


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