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Loosing Database connection on RMS 2.0 SP3.

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Sacha Favelevic asked a question on 1 Apr 2011 10:57 AM
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We have several stores using RMS with no problem.

This last store had a database connection problem from the first day. Randomply and usually when the system is idle, a message pops up saying SQL lost connection with the database, it eve happens on the computer holding the database.

We tried everything possible. We tried static and dynamic IP address, we replaced routers, we setup SQL server name by computer name, IP addres and even, We replaced network cables. We set the network cards in device manager not to let Windows use the power save feature.

Replaced HDD, Replaced computers, Reinstalled Windows from scratch reformatting partition, (3 times on both computers) Moved the database between computers.

We also created new database restoring it from the DB BCK files provided by RMS and imported all items, and suppliers, we cleared the sales twice. we uninstalled and installed many time OPOS drivers for printers and Pole displays.

All the equipment, computers, peripherals and routers are  connected to APC Battery backups, computers and router to the battery side, printers to the surge protector only side.

We are almost 1 month into this. The problem persists  

Setup: 2 Registers, 1 Workstaton. computers Dell Optiplex 380 2GB RAM.

Printer Star Micronics USB, APG Cash Drawer, Elo Touch Screen, Logic control Pole display.

Windows XP Pro SP3 with all updates. RMS 2.0 with SP2 and SP3 installed.


Any ideas wil be very much appreciated.



MarcR responded on 3 Apr 2011 9:19 AM
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Have you tried disabling all Power Saver options on the server? I see you checked the network cards, but make sure the server PC itself stays on when idling. Set to no standby, sleep, or hibernate and see if that helps.



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