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How to find password

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Tom.cowan1 asked a question on 13 May 2019 11:07 PM
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How to find password

forgot passord in sql server 2005 express

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TheNeos responded on 26 May 2019 7:45 AM
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How to find password


Hi Tom,

You can reset SQL pw with SQL Server Management (free from Microsoft), and keep the new one.

WARNING #1 -  if you don't keep hard copy of your pw and mixup you may loose all connections to your server or database.

WARNING #2 - You need to reconnect all stations with new pw through RMS Administrator

WARNING #3 - Backup your database, make a system recovery point, there is no UNDO.

WARNING #4 - You can run queries on RMS Administrator if you log with Windows Authentication but you need SQL pw to connect. When connecting in this mode the last used SQL pw fills up the cell with **** and if it is the correct one it will connect, so don't type any thing new because if is the correct one you will loose it for good.

There are pw retrieving third party apps to buy and one at least involves using Command promt to retrieve pw and then decipher.

To change pw:

Run as administrator SQL Server Management,

On login chose Windows Authentication,

Log in,

On left side panel choose "Security" then "Logins" then double click "as",

In PW enter your new pw and confirm. Ok and done.

Then use this new pw on SQL authentication.

To reconnect:

To reconnect each POS and back office station with new SQL pw. You need SERVER name and pw case sensitive,

For each station that does not connect to the database run on RMS Administrator as administrator, first connect using the new pw.

Once connected, select the database. Then test connection and enter the new pw again, make sure time out is not too low around 100 works for me.


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