Valid Entries = True / False

Controls whether various menu groups are visible in the navigation pane. Example:



The above would display the Orders menu group while hiding the Financial menu group.





Default Value = Off

Valid Entries = On, Off

Can enable the display of additional debug information in Application Server. Enabling this setting is not recommended.


Default Value = 0

Valid Entries = 0 – 99

Sets the timeout in seconds for various commands in Application Server.




Default = No

Valid Entries = Yes, No

Forces a recompile of any screen customization each time the screen is loaded. This can cause a small performance hit when launching customized screens, but can also help resolve various customization manager issues, such as 20406 error messages.


Default = No

Valid Entries = Yes, No

Forces a re-save of customizations when closing a customized screen. It is recommended to keep this set to No.




[Database Runtime]


Default Value = Yes

Valid Entries = Yes, No

When using a double-byte character language, users may need to set this entry to No. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms131464(SQL.90).aspx for more information.


Default Value = Off

Valid Entries = ON, OFF

Sets the SQL ANSI_Warnings flag for connections from Microsoft Dynamics SL. It is recommended to keep this set to Off.


Default Value = .3 (seconds)

Valid Entries = 0-999

Amount of time in seconds that Microsoft Dynamics SL may wait before verifying certain SQL commands have completed. A longer delay can cause performance issues in scenarios where the same command is executed many times in a row. Too short of a delay can cause Microsoft Dynamics SL executable to consume an abnormally high about of CPU which may also cause performance issues. It is recommended to leave the default of 0.3 seconds.