If you are considering moving to the cloud, you might want to check out what our Cloud Services expert, Jason Sheaffer has to offer. Jason has helped businesses like yours switch to the cloud and save up to 20% annually.

Everything you need to know is shared in this 3 part, short video series. Learn what you need to know when making decisions about the cloud, get his expertise on good points, bad points, and things people don’t share with you about moving to the cloud.

    • Lower point of entry
    • Reduced technical infrastructure
    • Reliability
    • Security
    • Upgrades
    • Accessibility
    • Fully-integrated
    • Better insights through connectivity – dashboards, KPIs, integration, business intelligence
  • Video #2:  The Bad

    • Higher long-term cost
    • Customization restrictions
    • Might not work as well if you have poor internet connectivity
    • Forced upgrades
    • Single sign-on
    • Not as great if you’re on old technology
  • Video #3:  Secrets You Need to Know about the Cloud

    • Considering cloud software:
      • Ask for the vendor EULA
      • How easy is it to get data out?
      • Dedicated instance or multi tenancy or hybrid
      • What will my license be year-over-year?
      • Who will support your environment?
    • Considering cloud hosting:
      • Ask for the provider’s SLA
      • How many hops?
      • Latency
      • Additional backup
      • Geo-redundancy

How about the Crestwood cloud?

Four years ago Crestwood created the Crestwood Cloud utilizing the Microsoft Azure environment, the best in class. So, if you’re considering alternatives to on-premise hardware, you should consider hosting through the Crestwood Cloud. Crestwood provides a separate virtual environment for each client.

Unlike other cloud services, our fees are simple, flat rate monthly-tiered pricing based on number of users, plus, a one-time set-up fee. Included in the monthly subscription are many additional services; such as, monitoring and patching for your servers. We can host Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, or Acumatica and propose reasonable prices for migrating your data and upgrading at the same time.

To view the entire webinar presented by Jason, click here.

Contact us today to learn more.  Email Jason and our cloud experts at sales@crestwood.com.