by Bill Perrin

Dynamics SL presents a standard window when you launch reports from an application.  They named this Report Options Interpreter, which is commonly referred to as ROI.  In fact, you will see ROI.EXE in the appplications session when you have a report open.

ROI displays a number of tabs that can control the data on your report.  The “Select” is a very handy tab. It allows you to filter the data that is included on your report.  To use, you provide at least 3 pieces of input:

  1. Field – database field name that you filter on; only fields used on the report are available.
  2. Operator – condition that is met to include/exclude data; such as, EQUAL, BEGINS WITH, LESS THAN, GREATER THAN.
  3. Value – what you compare the field value (above) to; can be numeric or alpha.
  4. Boolean (Optional) – needed if you have multiple conditions to be evaluated; AND, OR

For detailed explanations, see the Reporting Guide in the online help system.  For a great explanation of how to determine the field names, see Angela Hurd’s August 2011 post titled “Demystifying the Dynamics SL Database for Financial Reporting” at

“BEGINS WITH” is an easy operator to use.  It compares the field specified with the value you enter.  Only data that meets the selection criteria is included on your report.

Let’s say you want to list all project transactions for all projects that begin with the characters “EN” (Note that the project number field is typically named PROJECT in the Project Series, and PROJECTID in the Financial and Distribution series).

This is how the above selection criterion is entered on the ROI Select tab:

Synergy suggests you Preview the report before printing it. That way, you can ensure that you correctly specified your search criteria and that only the desired data is returned. I hope you take advantage of this handy filtering tool.