SL 2015 CU1 Application Server for Quick Send errors with SQL Message 916

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Laura asked a question on 21 Feb 2018 4:02 PM

Testing out Application Server to use for Quick Send PO's.

Application Server user gets a SQL Server Message 916 when it is trying to send the email.

The SQL Server Message 91 states that the server principal 'xx\xx' is not able to access the system database under the current security context.

I ran synchronize ownership and it did not help; I changed the SQL user to be a sysadmin and that did not work; I removed the SQL user from the application and system databases and added it back with no change in the error message.

I made sure the SL user had rights to Application Server before creating the Application Server associated with his user.  Does the user need rights to Quick Send screens in order to process?

Could this be related to a network rights issue? I wouldn't think so since it's the SQL Server message specific to the user and system database.

Any assistance would be appreciated. 

Laura Vogel

jenni Arant responded on 9 May 2018 12:49 PM

Just curious if you ever got this resolved.  If so, what was the resolution?