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Documents on set up and using BatchApproval Flow for SL 2018 CU1/2?

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John Lian asked a question on 6 May 2019 7:28 PM
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With SL 2018 CUs, there is a BatchApproval flow package that's supposed to be able to e-mail AP voucher approvers and allow them to approve/reject in e-mail.   However, I am having troubles getting it to work.   Specifically, I get an error "Action 'Approver is User' failed" when the flow is run.   My guess is that I probably missed a step when importing and configuring that flow. 

Is there any documentation on how to set up this flow to work with SL?  Or any documentation at all on how to set up any flow with SL?   I looked but was unsuccessful in locating docs.

John Lian responded on 6 May 2019 9:51 PM
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Update/Clarification - I had no problem getting the CU1 BatchApproval flow to work, BTW.  But I got "Action 'Approver is User' failed" when the updated flow released with CU2 is run.    During importing, the CU2 version asks for a related resource named Approvals.   To select that, I had to create an Approval from the Approvals page.   That's where I probably did something wrong...

Carolyn Froton responded on 7 May 2019 4:57 PM
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Hello John,

Thank you for your submission. I'd have to research it since its a new feature with CU2 (I believe)

Best Regards,

Jana MacDonald


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