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How long do you think Microsoft will support the dynamics sl desktop version

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  • BarbaraF posted on 16 May 2019 10:19 AM
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    Is there any indication on how long Microsoft will support dynamics sl desktop.  I see that they move more and more screens to web pages.

  • Carolyn Froton responded on 16 May 2019 6:47 PM
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    Hello Barbara,

    Here is some information on some of the current versions

    2011 Extended ends 7/13/2021

    2015 Mainstream ends 1/14/2020

    2015 Extended ends 1/14/2025

    2018 Mainstream 7/11/2023

    2018 Extended ends 7/11/2028

    We will be supporting the desktop experience for a long time.

    We've added many new features in the rich client, but people also like the flexibility of being able to do some things remotely.

    Webapps in the modern sense was meant to replace Business portal, but really with perhaps more ease of use than BP and certainly less overhead.

    Best Regards,

    Jana MacDonald

    Microsoft Dynamics SL


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