How can I set up two separate views from the same module for two different users

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To all,

I need to install Customer Maintenance to two groups of user. Power User allows to see all the standard features, buttons and all  from the default Customer Maintenance. Standard User allows only to see the basic information such as Name, Address, Contact, phone, and Save New Customer. 

Bottom line. I need a user profile to access customer maintenance only to add basic customer information and not allow them to change fields likes Credit limit, Credit Check, Default like GL Account, ..


Can that be done?


Thank you 



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  • Hello Andy,

    I assume you would like different users or groups of users to be able to have access to only specific information on the AR Customer Maintenance screen.  

    If you have purchased the Customization Manager, you could create customizations of the Customer Maintenance screen and hide or disable the fields that certain users shouldn't have access to.  Customizations can be created at the user level or the group level.  You can read more about Customization Manager in the user guide.

    Let me know if you have additional questions.


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