Upgraded from SL 7.0 sp2 to SL 2011 fp1 and having issues opening registration screen

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Fabian12385 asked a question on 10 Oct 2012 7:54 PM


Upgraded from SL 7.0 sp2 to SL 2011 fp1 and having issues opening registration screen


1)Registration screen fails to open. All other screens work fine.

2)Once I deleted the registration and registdetail tables from the system database, I can open registration screen,

3)However, when I re-enter the customerid in the registration screen and tab I get a weird error.

4)I tried a repair option which copies all the executables and that did not work.

5)I tried to DTS the information and when I do that nothing happens, screen does not launch. When I close SL,, multiple instances of SL open.

6)Tried opening from a client workstation and getting same error when tabbing off customerid field

Here are details of the error.

It says,"programming bullet proof error 11500. unhandled exception within saf control event handler"

error message attached.







Adam Leonard responded on 11 Oct 2012 12:42 PM

Hi Fabian,

I wonder if you could do the following:

-- Make a backup of your system DB

-- Run the following:

delete  from RegistDetail

delete  from Registration

delete from SLData

Try re-entering the keys again.

Fabian12385 responded on 11 Oct 2012 4:05 PM

Hi Adam,

I tried that and it still came up with the error when I entered the customerid and tabbed.

The registitem table looks like the inventory of all the sl modules including the licenses.

I have restored the sys db

I think this may have to do with one of the dll's as when I was installing the web services, it came up with an error on the safreg.dll

could re-registering this dll help?

i had initially installed sl 2011 and everything worked fine. when sl 2011 fp came out, i uninstalled sl 2011 and re-did everything. I do not know if there are remnants of sl 2011 which is causing this error.

please assist as we are at a standstill