We are on Dynamics SL 2011, FP1. Sql Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012, R2. We have a Voucher and Adjustment Batch of items that were paid by credit card, so amounts were entered in the Manual Check/Payment tab. It didn’t release properly, but I don’t see anything in the event log, so don't know the system message or erro code.  The batch number is in the Batch table and seems fine. Hoever, there are no entries at all in the APDoc table for that batch, but the APTran table is populated and seems fine. The Vendor Accounts do not have Voucher line items for vouchers that were in the batch, but do have the Hand Check line items, which show as “cleared”. They also show 0 in  the original amount column, but the Doc Balance column has the dollar amount of the respective voucher.  I ran the AP-Debug stored procedure for the batch, but was not able to get any help from the results.   I have no idea why there are no entries in the APDoc table nor how to go about fixing this?  Any help would be appreciated.  Jim