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Bulletproof Error 10144

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KyleBWillman asked a question on 11 Jul 2018 1:02 PM

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I am receiving this error for only one user, and it occurs when they try to close SL.  They are running SL2015 CU1.  The full message of the error is:

SetAddr has already been called for btemplate.  The system will not function correctly if any fields in the specified buffer are used by a control.

Has anyone ever seen this one?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts!

Alex Dupuis responded on 11 Jul 2018 1:20 PM
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Hi Kyle,

This error occur if you have a call to SetAddr to an already existing name, in your case "btemplate":

Call VBA_SetAddr("btemplate", btemplate, ntemplate, LenB(btemplate))

The case I'm used to is 2 differents customization level containing the same one or a bug in the customization that define the same twice. 

If it's only one user, my guess is that he have a customization on his user level.

Hope this will help. 



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