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PC Error Message 0066 received when closing Project Module

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PresslineAcctg asked a question on 10 Aug 2018 11:44 AM
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When closing Project Module, I received error message: " PC Message Number 0066:  Warning 16 Timecards are unposted.  Unposted Allocations in current or prior period."

I checked and there are no unposted timecards or allocations.

suggestions would be appreciated!


Carolyn Froton responded on 14 Aug 2018 12:57 PM
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This message is always confusing.  The timecards might be posted, but the GL side is still unposted.  Run GL Labor posting TM.GLP.00 and see if there are any entries that get posted.

If that doesn't work, then look to see what period the problem is in through SQL and thenrun for that period

Select fiscalno, * from pjlabdis where status_gl='U'

PresslineAcctg responded on 14 Aug 2018 3:23 PM
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thank you for your reply.  I did run GL Labor posting and there were no entries to be posted. 

I went in Initialize Mode to determine if there were any unposted  batches in TE or TM modules; and there weren't any.

Per your suggestion, could you tell me where to go to SQL to determine the period the problem in in?

thank you!!

Carolyn Froton responded on 22 Aug 2018 12:59 PM
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Select * from pjlabdis where status_gl<>'P'


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