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Microsoft SL user asked a question on 9 Apr 2019 1:30 PM

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Due to a user error last month a over project maximum transaction was generated by the system, this increase the project fee by the same amount. The error (funding) was corrected and the fee category is now in balance, however, now the project revenue balance is off by the proj max transaction. All the ledger accounts balances are good except the system billing worksheet revenue category. Is it possible to fix this? Can I rebuild the worksheet from history? And it so, how will I do this?



Carolyn Froton responded on 22 Apr 2019 9:15 AM
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Hello Ken,

Are you referring to the Billing Worksheet report in project controller?  Unfortunately,  The only "rebuild" we have is the PMA integrity check..which probably would not help you.

From the Bill to max setup help file

When the Allocation Processor (PA.PRO.00) determines that an allocated transaction will cause the project’s maximum to be exceeded, it creates a transaction for the Over-Max Adjustment Acct Category that has a negative amount for only that portion of the allocated amount that exceeds the maximum. The billing record for the “over-max” transaction will have the Billing/Expense Acct Category. For example, if the “over-max” transaction will post to an UNBILLED LABOR CAP account category, the billing record created from the UNBILLED LABOR CAP transaction might have the account category ADJUSTMENTS for presentation on the invoice. If this field is blank, the billing record will carry the account category of the “over-max” transaction.

Overmax ..if you decide to bill it , meaning you went over the agreed cost, but the customer allows you to bill the overage.

So are you saying you billed the overage? How did you do that? Did you "write it up"?

For a quick answer(s) 

If the overmax was a mistake , you normally fix it in the overmax setup on the project. Then Allocator will "back out" that overmax. (meaning increase or decrease it)

You can adjust the Revenue  with a Project charge entry to correct the account in project controller (it would not be billable, since you've billed it already)

I'm thinking a project charge entry is the way to go.

Best Regards,

Jana MacDonald

Microsoft Dynamics SL Support.


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