Problem Asigning reports server on a test Environment AX 2012 FP

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Hello guys, 

i have this issue:

AX 2012 FP- SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services

In one of our servers we installed an AOS (AOS1) that was attached to a report server (RepServ1) then we installed another AOS.

This new AOS installed (AOS2) was defined to be the new productive environment, but we configured it with the working report server from the other AOS (AOS1). So we linked AOS2 with RepServ1 and it was working. We stayed on this situation long time while we were doing some other stuff.

After a few days we decided that the test environment (AOS1) should have also an independent report server so we installed a new report server (RepServ2) on a server that was ment to be the final BI server. This RepServ2 was attached to the final productive AOS (AOS2), leaving the other AOS1 just in test environment and the new configuration for productive matters, AOS2.

So to conclude:

AOS1 (test) -> RepServ1

AOS2 (productive) -> RepServ2 these two are working

I thought it would be easy to do this and started to change some configuration things on AOS1, I changed this: 

  • i changed the configuration server on the Report Servers form linking the RepServ1 and make it the default configuration. Then i checked on the Validate Settings button and appeared the "ReportServer - success" infolog message

I thought that it would be enough for running reports on test environment, but it appeared a message

  • then I re-depoyed the reports and re-launched a report. Some of them showed me these errors:
  • Reporting framework error: Dynamic packed query not found.
  • No available data

Any clue about this??? Thanks for your help

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  • i have also uninstalled the reporting services extensions and reinstalled it but it does not appear the Connect to an AOS instance page on the AX 2012 FP installer.

    So what can i do to link the AOS2 (test environment) to this Report server that is in a different server? on this server (where the test report server is) we have the productive AOS linked to a productive report server on a different server...

    Please HELP!!!

  • The moment you setup multiple instances of SSRS on the same machine, and want to point AX2012 AOSes to them, you need to do some extra stuff.

    MSDN describes the steps here:

    But you may want to have a look here for some PowerShell scripts that helps you solve this within minutes:

    I have used these scripts myself on several installations, and they work like charm! :-)

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • thanks for you help tommy, but i have a question:

    does it matter to have an AOS and a report server instance that i want to be linked to another AOS? is it better to have this report server installation on a different server than being on the same AOS server that i do not want to be linked? i mention this because when i tryed to reinstall the reporting extensions, the select aos page it doesnt appeared so i can link this report server instance to a different AOS but not the one that is in the same server


  • I believe you are referring to the steps on this page:

    You can change what AOS the single SSRS instance will connect to by changing the preferred configuration for the business connector (Administrative Tools\Dynamics AX Client Configuration). Just remember to Refresh the WCF bindings configuration and restart the SSRS instance. It should do the trick.

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • thank you very much, it worked perfectly, i have some error on specific reports but ill see what i can do. Thanks a lot Tommy!