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I'm trying to get a company Iogo to print on checks tied to one of my bank accounts.  First, I created a very simple logo using just words (in both bmp and jpeg formats) with the dimension 216pixels by 43 pixels.  Then I went to Cash and bank management>Common>Bank accounts, under setup I checked the company logo box, and added the logo via Setup>Check layout>Company logo.  Unfortunately, the logo is not printing.  Any advice/suggestions, including how to format the logo file are greatly appreciated.  

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  • You can try to customize check report, add image/code in report design.

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  • When you press the 'Print Test' button on the check setup form, can you see the logo?

    What file format is your logo?

    I just made a successful test in the MS demo data using a gif logo, US check format

    Zvika Rimalt * Dynamics AX Business Analyst/Functional Consultant * Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • Thanks for the response!  Unfortunately I am not familiar with customizing the reports or the report design (I am merely an AX user with specific administrative rights).  Are there any detailed instructions related to this that you can provide?

  • Thanks for the response!  I did run print tests both to the screen and to the printer and neither came up with the logo.  The logos I created were in a few different file types: jpg, png, and gif.

    I am not quite sure what you mean by "test in the MS demo data."

  • We have one environment when we have a "vanilla" AX environment (=no customization), loaded with the demo data provided by Microsoft.

    It is useful when trying to troubleshoot issues, since it gives you an opportunity to rule out the possibility something in your particular customizations/configuration is the cause of a bug.

    I don't know if it's important, but the logo I do manage to print is 125 x 40 pixels

    If you have a "test" environment, where you can make changes, I would recommend creating a brand new bank account, setting up checks and seeig if you manage to see the logo printed.

    Zvika Rimalt * Dynamics AX Business Analyst/Functional Consultant * Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • we faced some issue like this we need to print company logo on invoicing using standard functionality , but at last we have to customize the report to print Logo. You can ask to your developers for the same and if they need any help i will give them a hint.

    If you found any other workaround for this plz share with us.

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  • I would suggest to first try a logo of small size like 100 px X 25 Px. This will help to make sure whether the Logo is actually appearing.

    It is possible that if the logo is larger than what AX requires and has whitespace, AX would be displaying the top left corner of the logo while rest of it will be clipped. It will appear as if logo is not being displayed at all.

    Another thing to check is Save the report to Excel and check whether any logo appears in the corresponding area.

    Please also try with a Bitmap image.

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    Michael Brown

  • I tried your suggestions (100x25px, saving as a bmp, and running the test check report to Excel) but again it did not work.  

    Perhaps I am not creating the logo correctly?  I used MS Paint only because I want generic wording to appear as the logo (not an actual pciture-type logo).  Do I need the file to have a certain "bit depth" (currently it is set at 24)?  Does the text need to be opaque (currently it is transparent)?

    Also, to add the logo, I am going to the bank account settings and adding it there.  Do I need to also change the entity logo within the Legal Entity setup?  

    Any other tips on how to go about creating/saving the logo and setting it in AX are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

  • I dont think that bit depth or transparency matters.

    You do not need to change logo in entity setup either.

    If you are using AX 2012, make sure that in Cash and Bank > (Your Bank) > Setup Tab > Check > Setup Tab > Company logo is checked.

    In MS Paint there is nasty behavior. If you open a Jpeg image and while saving it, in save as dialog if just change the extension to bmp, the image will be saved in JPG format but will have bmp as extension. So make sure that you select Save as type = BMP as well.

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    Michael Brown

  • Hi Brian,

    First things first.  What version of AX are you using?

    Also, out of the box functionality should work out of the box so don't listen to suggestions about modifying the report design in the AOT.  It is not necessary.

    Are you actually getting a print out to screen of the check layout when you run a print test?  Also take a look at your check format fields to make sure they make sense.  Also, it would be a good idea to try a signature as well, to see if this functionality is working (closely related to company logo).

    Also, I would run a check to make sure modifications have not been made to the check report in the AOT.  You will have to contact your developer for that.  It is a possibility that a dev could of erased where the company logo is suppose to go.  Not likely but a possibility.

    Good luck and report back!

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