clean up inventtrans table

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Dear Experts,

I would like to delete some unwanted entires in InventTrans Table in Ax2009, can any one suggest the me how to delete the entries.

Thanks in advance

Gowri Shanker B

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  • My suggestion is to NEVER mess with the inventtrans table. There is always a way to use the front-end transaction (order lines etc) to manipulate the inventtrans. There is a lot of functionality tied to inventtrans and manually manipulating it is not just bad practice, but asking for problems.

    I'd love to help you though, so can you explain WHY you want to delete them, or WHY they are unwanted?

  • Hi Joris,

    Thanks your reply and support, I will discuss with client in detail on this and get back you on this.


    Gowri Shanker b