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What is the best way to find the top implementers in the US for Microsoft's ERP platform, we have seen many demo's but would like to hear of any real world users and their experiences "good or bad" with implantation companies.

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  • check what is possible with default ax, in case of many changes, it will become tricky

  • Find Microsoft case studies made for AX implementations.

    Find Customer Stories - set your filters and see companies who have implemented AX in your specific industry.

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    Peet's Coffee & Tea

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  • People will be very reluctant to share bad experiences on a private forum, although we all have our experiences..

    It might be helpful to:

    1. see if there are local AXUG regional chapter meetings in your area, and try to network with other users, and get their perspective.

    2. ask your potential Microsoft partners to provide 'reference customers' you can speak with. ofcourse these customers will only be happy customers, but if a partner is unable to provide any references that could act as a red flag

    3. understand from your potential partners what kind of AX implementations they have done with customers whose business is similar to yours.

    Zvika Rimalt * Dynamics AX Business Analyst/Functional Consultant * Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • You need to see what is your business and weather AX supports the business you are in. Some businesses are easily translatable in AX but some are not. You just have to see the product capability and the partners around, as I had a bad experience in AX 2009 and 2012 implementation in my company which was a Poultry farming & breeding company. AX was unable to handle the farming part of the company, which was the major area of the company, so my company was unhappy.

    As my company was a group of companies and one of the entity was in Discrete Manufacturing, so AX was implemented in all of the areas easily and that legal entity of the group was happy with AX. So you need to see your business and then the possibility of AX implementation on it and the partner working for you. One more major need of ERP implementation is your own employees wish to shift on an ERP.

    Mansoor Adeel

    AX 2012 Techno Consultant