Moving only data across AX 2012 Environments

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Dear Forum ,

As you are aware we had the option to restore the data backup from a production environment to a test environment in AX 2009 , is it possible to acheive the same in AX 2012 ? (moving only the data and the code remains untouched)

Thanks in advance.

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  • Yes it is. One way to do this is by doing a modelstore export of test prior to the restore, and then importing it after.

    Also, know that R2 has separated out data from code, so the above would not be necessary if you are on R2.

    We do it using a SSMS backup/restore.


  • Janet is right, but the premise is that both environments share the same set of element IDs and element handles. Any differences would have to be continued development in one of them. This rule applies to both RTM and R2 og AX2012. The moment you try to apply business data to an application with different set of element IDs and handles, you are in trouble. To put it another way, two separate environments might have different ID for same element (ie the table "VendAdvanceApplicationTrans"). Synchronizing the AOT will effectively drop and recreate the table, which results in dataloss.

    For AX2012 RTM (6.0 and 6.1), export modelstore, restore database, import modelstore from first step.

    For AX2012 R2 (6.2), simply restore the business database. The application resides in a different database suffixed with "_model".

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