Delete orders Vs Void orders in Axapta

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Hi ,

In  AR - Inquiries - History , we have  two forms

a) Voided sales orders

b) deleted ordes

What is the difference between these ?

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  • Hi Lally,

    The voided sales orders form shows the deleted sales orders if the paramter 'mark order as voided' is selected.

    The deleted orders form shows the result of deleted sales orders by using the clean up periodic option.

    Within the voided orders you can see the original sales order prior to when it was deleted.

    Within the deleted order, you can only see which orders were deleted. Not the full contents. This form is used to check the results of the clean up process.

    Both forms are based on different tables.

    kind regards,

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  • Hello AndrĂ© Arnaud de Calavon, for deleted orders, could you tell me where is the "clean up periodic option"? I just can not found any data in  deleted orders form after trying many methods, thank you very much, waiting for your kind reply.

  • ax 2012: sales and marketing\periodic\clean up