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Dear All

I need suggestion regarding Laptop configuration and model that will smoothly run Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012R2 VM on Hyper-V. Would appreciate if any one could suggest specific model from HP and DELL.


Akhwand Usman

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  • Hi Akhwnad,

    When you want to run AX2012 on a laptop, you almost need a server configuration...

    Take a look at the next thread and you can have an idea. Please note that 16GB internal memory or higher is recommended.


    kind regards,

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  • I've got it running on a Dell Latitude E6510 with 8GB RAM (6 allocated for VM) but it's good for testing/study only.

    If you want something demo capable, you need min. 16GB and a SSD.

    Most of the sluggishness is caused by Sharepoint Server which eats memory like candy.

  • Ok. RAM should be 16GB. What about processors will i3 or i5 create any performance issue? And will HD with 7200rpm ok for it?



  • I'm running i7 with a 7200rpm HD on a 64-bit system and as I said, you can run it, but it's slow.

    Whether you'll notice a decreased performance using i3 or i5 I'm not sure.

  • Here's my 2cents:

    For CPU, look at the clock speed and caches. I'd bet a 3rd generation i5 with decent clock speed would probably be good enough. (But do consider getting the best one your budget allows. =])

    Also, I recommend go with a SSD for the performance gain over HDD. If you are using it a lot, it'll be well worth the investment.

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  • I just install and configured AX 2012 (Database, AOS and client only) on a laptop and it’s a bit slow:-

    My laptop configuration:- i7, 8GB RAM and 120GB SSD but if I can have 16GB system I will defiantly go for it.

    hope it helps

    thank you

  • Got these two options from vendor:

    1- Dell Inspiron 5521 Core i7 3537U-2.0GHZ 16GB (8GB*2) RAM 1TB HDD

    2- HP ENVY M6 1201TX Core i7 3632QM-2.2GHZ 16GB (8GB*2) RAM 1TB

    any idea which would be better.


    Akhwand Usman

  • Inspiron? Get a latitude! We are getting latitude 6430 with 16GB memory and an SSD disk. If you put Windows 8 on it you can run Hyper-V.