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I am facing a peculiar issue in MR2012 with AX2012, I have designed row definition with the combination of cost center and main account and I could see the transactions displayed in AX for the specific FY but when I generate the report, I am prompted with error message displaying,

•Make sure that the report was generated with the following settings:

◦A valid report date

◦Valid dimensions and accounts

◦A valid reporting tree unit

Not sure which setup I am missing here. Any suggestion would be great help.



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  • Satya,

    This message is what it seems, there is either no data found for the combination of cost center and account, the date or type of data.

    1. Make sure the integration is running and has completed. You could do a quick query on the Fact table on the data mart to make sure transactions came across.

    2. Make sure the company you have set as default and the company you are selecting in the report definition is using the same FY you are looking at in AX.

  • Hi,

    I'm facing the same problem. How can I make query on the fact table. Would you please give more specific details?


    Asim Akin