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is it possible to use Sql Server "Indexed Views" in any way in AX 2012? We will get the enterprise edition of SQL Server and i found this feature really interesting.

If yes: Is there any documentation how to use indexed views in Sql Server 2012?

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  • I dont have sure but maybe the following link can help you... i hope so!!


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  • Hi Francisco,

    thanks for answering.

    But i did not found a property in AOT which give me the same functionality. Indexed Views are a feature from SQL Server (see msdn.microsoft.com/.../ms191432.aspx).

    I thought the only way is to use OdbcConnection or CCADOConnection.


  • Hi Frank,

    I don't think Indexed view is supported in AX2012. On the other hand, support of "included columns"  is added in AX2012, but you might already know that.



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  • Hi Dom,

    well, i have heard about "included columns". That will help a little - but indexed views would be much nicer :).