Export SSRS report (SrsReportRunController) programatically to MS Word (locked)

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Hi All,

Is it possible to programmatically lock down the contents of the MS Word when exported to MS Word format from SRSReportRunController class in AX 2012 R2 rich client?

I am aware that we can achieve the same with using COM.(MS Word template and using X++ code) However I would like to know from SSRS report viewer.

Appreciate if anyone can share their experience if they have done this earlier?

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  • In Classes\EPSendDocument\methods\makeDocument() you will find an excellent example of how to run reports directly to a saved file with X++.

    The line


    controls the output file format, and the enum SRSReportFileFormat has 7 options just as the SSRS report viewer's dialog has 7 choices.  By process of elimination it appears that maybe the HTML option is Word.  If not, this should put you on the trail to the right answer for your needs.

  • Thanks Brandon for your reply. Appreciate that. However it does not solves my requirement. However much appreciate it.