Bank Statement import format

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Hi ,

Ax 2012 has  automated bank reconciliation .

As we all know the bank statement can import in axapta 2012 to reconcile the Axapta bank entries.

By chance does any one of you have sample xml file of Bank statement that can be imported into AX. I'm confused to search it in the partner source. Could you help me with that. I'm done with all the setups and just need to import it and check whether it works.

Without having the same file of bank statement , it is difficult to test that whether functionality is working fine or not ?

Without testing from my end , i cannot show the functionality to the users.

I will be very thankful for your support.

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  • Any help from pioneers ?

  • Even I am looking for a sample Bank statement file to test and demo automatic Bank Recon. Any help is appreciated.

  • Any inputs from pioneers ?