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Hello everyone,

I am using Time and attendance in AX 2012. I did the set up and everything  is working fine. But my question is how to transfer the registered time to payroll. I can see the calculated time including standard time and overtime I cannot send ti to payroll for procesing.

Thank you in advance.

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  • Hello, are you using the AX payroll module or an external payroll software like Ceridian, ADP, Vista, or UltiPro? Either way, when you use the Transfer to Pay function available from Periodic->Time and attendance on the HR area page, you create an export file for payroll use.

  • make sure that you made setup for payment agreement so that you can calculate and export the transaction

  • In Time and attendance parameters, make sure that  you have the Payroll file location defined. Also, as a minor, but very important note, the pay period on the worker records must match the pay period that you are using for the Transfer to Pay function from Human resources->Periodic->Time and attendance->Payroll.

    Is there any other info you need?

  • Please follow follwoing link for most comprehansive details about Time and attendance registration


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  • Thank you everyone for replying.

    Sorry I didn't specify what payroll software i'm using but I meant how to create earning statement for each employee based on the hours on Time and Attendance. I guess Time and Attendance is not integrated with AX Payroll.

    But I found a way around how to do this.

  • Ok. I am now curious what you workaround was... care to share the details?

    I just remember that the pay specifications report creates a summary of pay items... though it is not exactly an earning statement.

  • I have an idea how to create earning statement from Time and Attendance to Payroll within AX but I have to dig in the code and I am busy now.

    I did it by creating a MS Access file. I copy the data from Human Resources->Inquiries->Payroll->Pay Items form to MS Access. MS Access will do the calculation for me and will prepare the data so I can Import them through MS Excel and create Earning Statement.

    If employees work over 40 hours in a week Time and Attendance caries the over time to Monday instead of leaving it to the day that hours worked passed 40. I solved that issue with MS Access too.