How long to learn AX?

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I have worked with ERP solutions like SAP before and also standalone payroll, HR, and CRM software. I have a role that I might get an interview for to do requirements for AX installations/setups. How long do you think it would take to learn the AX Software? Are there any certifications that would help and how long do these take?

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  • Good evening,

    It helps that you have experience working with ERP systems. That will make it easier to understand the processes in an ERP system.

    To get to know AX you can follow quite some trainings at different training centers. Next to that you can get certified for different parts of AX. If you might get involved in installations and setups, the Installation and configuration certification might be interesting for you. You need access to the Microsoft PartnerSource or CustomerSource to download courses related to the certification or contact a training center.

    How long it takes depends on what you want to learn about AX. It can take a long time to learn everything from AX, but getting to know specific modules as a user is not too difficult, as the interface is comparable with Microsoft Office.

    Greetings, Gertjan van der Linden | Dynamics AX Solution Architect

  • Well, it would be going to companies to ask them what they want to get out of AX business process wise, gathering the requirements, adding some bespoke requirements if needed and then documenting that for the deveoper/implementation consultant. I would then be checking it all works during UAT with the customer. So, I guess it's understanding the modules more than anything.

  • Welcome to Dynamics AX world..

    If you have understanding of SAP then it is good that you understand the business process and functionality so it will be easy for you to start with Dynamics AX as Dynamics AX is also a business ready system and implements many business process.

    if you are from Functional side of SAP then may be you can start as Functional consultant

    If you are from Technical side of SAP then may be you need some training and exploration related to Dynamics AX architecture. For this time frame to learn depends on you.. based on help and training material provided by microsoft may be you will need atleast 3 months to start with.

    Dynamics AX utilizes all the latest techiques for development and integration

    Dynamics AX is having it own programming language (X++) but you can do development using Visual Studio 2010 too.

    Dynamcis AX is having Application Integration Framework using Windows Communication framework.

    So it not that difficult and complext to start with Dynamics AX

    pelase find link related to Dynamics AX certification details

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    Regards, NITESH RANAJN (PMP) | Dynamics AX Consultant

  • I only used SAP in basic form, some of the financial models but this was a few years ago. I have worked in HR and payroll so I'm sure those modules would be similar.

    But I would need functional training in:

    Financial management

    Human capital management


    Supply chain management


    So, what is a ballpark figiure? Like 6 months to learn that properly or much less?

  • 15 years and counting. Joking apart, I have seen really bright people get up to speed on a single of the areas you mention here in about three months. I would guess that it would take somewhere between 6-12 months to work your way through all these areas to some reasonable level. Of course it depends on how hard you study.

    Palle Agermark | AX Developer |

  • Also nearly 13 Years and counting ;-) Totally agree with Palle. If you have a fundamental background it will take approx. 3 Month for a dedicated area in AX.  For the whole System with all modules (which are increasing from year to year) it depends also on the Industrie your are working. So Retail has another Focus than process industries. But at least 12 to 18 months should be enough to have a acceptable base knowledge

    for a certain Industrie, with 1-2 functional areas in depth.

    Kind regards

    Uli Zimmermann | Manager Solution Architecture AX |

  • I suppose it depends whether you approach it from the business or technical understanding. I am a Business Analyst so the focus is on business processes and requirements so of course I need to know what the system does but 3 months seems like a long time. If an end user has to learn the system, how long would they take training for within their company to learn how to input and gather data? Maybe a 1 week internal course...the rest they learn on the job?