Customers and their delivery address.

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We seem to have a problem with back orders and  the address.

This is the scenario:

When  customer " A " ordered the product "00201" in 2012 it was a kept as a back order cause their was no stock available.

When that item "00201" arrived 2 years later the customer  "A" had changed his delivery address however the back order for that customer kept the original address that was accurate at the time of the back order, thus when this is picked and updated it goes to the original address which is wrong it'll need to go the to updated address.

Is their any functionality in AX to help us,  that if a customers address is changed then we are notified that their is back order for this customers with a different delivery address ?

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  • As far as I know such functionality does not exist.

    However: You can identify an address as no longer valid by setting the end date. If you open the sales order after setting the validity of the address you will see a warning that the selected address is no longer valid and then you can select another address from the customer's  address list. I think that should work in this situation as well as long as you add an end date to an address that is no longer valid.

    Greetings, Gertjan van der Linden | Dynamics AX Solution Architect

  • No Such functionality exists.

    as per my suggestion you need to go for customization related to this.

    Please verify.

    Let me know if you need any support related to the customization required for this.

    Please update with your feedback.

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    Regards, NITESH RANAJN (PMP) | Dynamics AX Consultant

  • When the customer address changes make sure the people maintaining the customer master EXPIRE the existing address.

    Run one-monthly report to identify sales orders with expired addresses

    Zvika Rimalt * Dynamics AX Business Analyst/Functional Consultant * Vancouver, BC, Canada