Getting this error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when i try to open a SSRSreport

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Hi I am getting this error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when i try to open a SSRSreport in ax 2012?

How could this be solved?

Already tried restarting Sql server reporting services .but din't work

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  • You'll get this error when you try to call a method or access a property on a null object. You'll need to collect more information about what fails to be able to fix it.

    Is the problem only with a single report? Do you get the same problem in Visual Studio? Debugging there should be easier.

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  • Hi Martin,

    I am also facing this issue in PurchPurchaseOrder Report.

    when I am clicking on the design in VS same error occur.

    design not open due to this error.

    I have already customize this report before this error occur.

    What can i do for this........... ...


    Piyush Ojha

  • Hi guys

    In my experience I solved this issue by running a Full Cil compilation.

    Finally, in some cases I have also stop AOS, delete the XppIL folder, start AOS and running a Full CIL

    Also, in the past I have installed the KB 2720601 for a similar problem.

    "Assume that you create a drillthrough report in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. When you try to print preview a child report from the drillthrough report, you receive the following error message"


    Thanks & Regards

    Denis Macchinetti

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  • Does it happens with all AX reports? Try to re-deploy the BIServices Service Group from AOT.

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  • Try

    1. Open AX as Admin

    2. Restore and deploy the report

    3. Restart  Reporting service

    If it doesn't work,

    Try restarting AOS.