Override of PriceDiscTable.DeliveryTime with InventItemSalesSetup.editLeadTime

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How can we override the PriceDiscTable.DeliveryTime with InventItemSalesSetup.editLeadTime?

When we use Sales delivery dato control and set it up on the InventTable, it will be overrided by delivery settings from PriceDiscTable, even if the delivery date field is blank. How can we override this? Does anyone have experience?



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  • Hi, I assume this hasn't been answered yet. I was working for a partner earlier this year and ran into this issue. I called MS and opened a ticket, and they confirmed that this is a bug in the initial release of 2012. While researching, the tech also found that R2 solved this issue, and as such, there would be no hotfix for this. I left the partner where I had opened the case with MS, so I don't have the documentation on hand. But I remember it specifically.