Default financial dimension on automatic transaction accounts - AX2012

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Is it possible to add default dimensions to automatic transaction accounts such as "penny difference"? 


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  • I agree - and logged this with Microsoft with no they have taken away the fixed dimension functionality on GL accounts

  • Hi Lisa - Just so you know, fixed dimensions has returned in R2/CU4.

  • You have to change the level of main account to display, from shared to company. You have to choose dimensions for a company, when the level is shared the dimension tab disappear.

  • perhaps with account structures, but i'm not shure

  • Default dimensions and fixed dimensions (R2/CU4) are only supported at the company level. That is why you see the "Financial dimensions" fast tab disappear when you change the "Select the level of main account to display" to "Chart of accounts".

    If you would like to have a dimension on the accounts for automatic transactions, you could configure an allocation on the main account to allocation 100% of the posting to the same account with dimensions. In versions before R2/CU4, this is how "fixed dimensions" are supported in the new framework. If you configure an allocation however, you will see a GL posting to the account without dimensions, and then a reversing entry that negates the initial posting and then posts to the same account with dimensions. The account structure for this account must still allow blanks or you will receive an infolog at the time of posting.

    As with the default dimensions, allocations will only work on a "Companies" level and not the "Chart of accounts" level. This is outlined on page 13 in the "Shared Financial Data Management" White Paper on PartnerSource.