AX 2012 + VS 2010 & AOT Visual Studio Projects

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On VS 2010, I created a AX-->EP WebApplication & sucessfully added this project to AOT.

On AOT-->Visuals Studio Projects --> WebApp Projects--> My EP WebProj appeared.

Then how to run this website from AOT?

And how to run all other Visual Studio Projects from AOT?




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  • What do you mean by running this project?

    The project definition is stored in AX so multiple developers can re use these projects.
    The projects themselves will contain webcontrols and other objects.
    These webcontrols can be deployed to your Enterprise portal website.
    But you can not run the project itself, I dont see what use that would have.

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  • Hi Youri,

    Thanks for the reply...

    Yes you are right...I think apart from re use & export to .xpo file... there is no use for adding to AOT from VS 2010, particularly EP WebApplication created in VS 2010 & added to AOT.

    I will refer more on this...please explain if I am missing any thing more than that.

    Thanks in adavnce...