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Franz Ladurner asked a question on 3 Jul 2012 8:46 AM

Hi all,

after reading some other posts and blogs it already seems to a be a known issue that the value of the maximum buffer size on the MS Dynamics AX 2012 Server Configuration has to be adjusted in order to be able to open various ListPages and SSRS Reports in AX2012.
On the other hand, it is recommended to increase this value as much as needed, and as little as possible. Following this recommendations i adjusted the maximum buffer size step by step to 30 KB.

Today I found report in the AX standard installation (AX2012 + CU2 + Hotfix-KB2674689) which needs a maximum buffer size of 34 KB if I want to open that report (the name of the report is TaxTransDetail and can be found in the General ledger module under "Reports --> Transactions --> Groupings --> Sales tax transactions - details").

My questions are:

  • What is the minimum of the Max. buffer size to be set on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Server configuration in order to get every application object delivered by a standard Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 installation running?
  • What is the recommended value of Maximum buffer size?
  • Are there any negative impacts on the server performance when setting this value too high?
  • Should the value be set differently based on different types of environments (e.g. development environment, test environment, integration environment, production environment)?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Sanjivkumar Kori responded on 18 Feb 2013 1:54 PM

Hey Franz - let me know if  you were able to find the Recommended value of Maximum Buffer Size,

& also is it going to be more than 132 KB?

& also the environment in question is Production....

Franz Ladurner responded on 18 Feb 2013 11:51 PM

Hi Sanjivkumar,

132 KB for sure is too much as recommended value of max buffer size. We adjusted the max buffer size value "as needed", which means that always when we found a functionality in AX that gave as an error message saying that a greater size is required (most of time it were SSRS reports) we adjusted the buffer size.

At the moment we use a max buffer size of 36 KB, but we are migrating to AX2012 R2. I've seen that the default value of max buffer size in R2 is 48 KB, I think that should be enough for now.

Best regards,


Sanjivkumar Kori responded on 19 Feb 2013 3:17 PM

Thanks Franz for the clarification & yeah I have Ax 2012 R2 installed at our place & the default Buffer size is set to 48 KB - that might be because of 2 individual databases - one for Business data & other for Model Store DB (just a guess).


Sanjivkumar Kori.