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 Hello, I have an operation 'cooking' that can be done with any of the 6 ovens. When I do the job scheduling, it always assigns the oven with the higher capacity (less duration). Is there a way to choose which ovens will be used in a certain production? I am trying to use resource groups but it keeps assigning only one oven from the group.

Also I need to report in production the real resource(s) that were used (for example if the scheduled resource was not operative). Is it possible to choose any other resource?


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  • Hello Paul, I'm facing the same situation now, did you find a way to manage this scenario?

    Thanks a lot,


  • Not really. I didnt look further anymore.

  • Hi Paul,

    The that I know is: The Job Scheduling examines all possible of resource (since when they were called work centers) of the group and then choose the resource with the shorter delivery.

    If you want that AX choice one specific resource. You should choose the resource in the Route and then to do job scheduling.


    Murilo Oliveira

    Murilo Oliveira

  • I have found in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) material, that there is the 'Edit Job list' form where you can move a particular job from one resource to another, I did that, I move one job that was fully occupying one resource to another, but then went back and see capacity scheduling, it was still showing the job in the three resource, not just in the two I was expecting. I'm still missing something.

    In case you want to take a look to MES, Job scheduling list is in Production control\Periodic\Manufacturing execution\Edit job list.

  • Hello Murilo thanks for your reply.

    If you have a production order about to be started, and by that moment you want to use two particular resources out of the three that are part of the resource group.

    How do you do you what you suggested? "You should choose the resource in the route and then do job scheduling"

  • Hi Hector,

    Answering your question: You should select the Route by item or by production order (in this case, the production order should be with status as "Created or Estimated") to change or to insert the Resource (tab Resource requirement). Then you should do job scheduling in the production order.


    Murilo Oliveira

  • Hi Hector,

    I can not find one job active in the Edit job list. How do I do to appear one job active in the form Edit Job List? What is the job status to appear in this form?


    Murilo Oliveira

  • Hi Murilo, as far as know,  the only condition is that the production order needs to be started.

  • Hector,

    Same the production order with status 'Started', the job don't appear in the form Edit Job List. Does in the AX have other condition?

    Murilo Oliveira

  • Hey Pau/Hectorl,

    As far as i know its going to use pick u the first available resource from the resource group(Sorting based on resource id). Try exploring the usage of capabilities, if you need to system to schedule other resources.

    You can also change the resource by scheduling again. When you click schedule for jobs->General tab-> select the job and specify new resource. But playing with the scheduling engine would not be so easy.

    You can record the usage of actual resource(not the scheduled one) in the job card and Route card by selecting the actual resource before posting it.

  • There are some other parameters in Production control\Setup\Manufacturing execution\Manufacturing execution parameters and Production parameters... but they don't seem to affect the Edit job list form.

    In such case... then I'm not aware of what was the setup that made them available in the Edit job list.

    According to manual, I should find there a Start button to make the jobs begin, but I don't see it anywhere.

  • I do not know what you are trying to achieve but changing resource can be done from Prod Route, Rescheduling job, Edit job list.

    The start button you are talking about is in the job registration screen and not the edit job list.

  • Hi Kaushik,

    How do I do to appear the job in the Edit Job List form?

    Murilo Oliveira

  • The production order has to be job scheduled and released. Can you check if you can find data in Production control->common->manufacturing excecution->production jobs

  • Hi Kaushik,

    I get it! Thank you! But I don't get view the change that I did in the job. I changed the resource from 1111 to 1112 and in the Route Prod appears the resource 1111. Did I let do something?

    Murilo Oliveira