Inventory Agining in Dynamics AX 2009

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Can anyone offer any insight into Inventory Aging reports for Dynamics AX 2009?

The standard reports don't seem to give what you might expect for inventory aging requirements e.g serial / batch number (if appropriate), FIFO, quantity, value, within one report. 

Inventory by item group aging report, is only of limited value in this instance as it displays inventory value / levels within a given period, but no batch / serial option

I would be interested to hear of any suggested customisation / workaround done in this area?


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  • Also, apologies for my bad spelling of Aging!

  • Janey,

    We have done a similar customization for our client, please drop an email to learn more.

  • Hi,

    We recently changed the costing method in the company from Average to FIFO, and now I have a request for developing an Inventory Aging report. Could you point me in the right direction on how to do this?


  • I have had to design an SSRS report (using Visual Studio 2008 BIDS) to age inventory with age buckets from 1 mth to over 2 years.

    You are correct. The standard AX2009 report is not very useful.


  • ABC anaysis can also tell you a lot about slow moving inventory.

    Another approach might be to run the min max proposal and extract that data - the proposed min max is based on the  history for the selected data range.

    if inventory has a shelf life/fashion life then there is functionality in process manufacturimg you can use

    if an item has no expiry/shelf life data then arguably  its age is really irrelevant and only its future sales potential matters


    Comemercail options:

    An inventory turns report maybe more useful than an aging report - we can provide

    Llook at BI4 Dynamics the in built aging reports for AR, AP and inventory are very good.

    (We have also developed in Ax some inquiry screens for comparison of various order tpes s for both quanity and value and actual and % differences etc for any two specified periods - but this is chargeable.- we can also supply BI4 Dynamics which i think is excpeitonal value.)