List of Released Dynamics AX2012 R2 Hotfixes

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In readiness for future AXR2 implementations,  where can i find a list of released Dynamics AX2012 R2 hot fixes?  There is a hotfix release page for AX2012 and AX2009 but not for AXR2.

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  • Hello James!

    You can find what you need using the following link:

    Partner Source login will be required!

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    Francisco Silva | |

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  • hello James!

    could you find what you need?

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    Francisco Silva | |

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  • Why would Hotfixes be limited to just Partners?  Us customers need to be able to see and apply them too.  Please open this up to Customers.

  • Hello Daniel!

    Are you na AX Developer? AX Hotfixes do not work like Windows 7 or 8 KB or update. If you just apply a AX hotfix you can crash all your system.

    A hotfix must be used just if necessary, and must be validated in test environment first.

    I think that Microsoft do not open this resource for customers for security reason.

    That is what i think!!!

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    Francisco Silva | |

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  • Francisco is right. Installing a HotFix might actually change code in the business application and not only core or kernel components. Such changes needs to be supervised by developers, or your installation might get unstable and flawed.

    Another more open source for releases and build versions is here:

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • Just because someone is a customer does not mean that they do not do their own development/deployment/maintenance work, or that they are somehow more stupid. I do happen to be an ax developer that works for a customer and it would help me out a lot if I could even view the list of hotfixes for AX 2012 R2.  We have come across some really strange bugs and some of them are covered by hotfixes.  It is a waste of time and money for me to have to ask my partner to ask Microsoft for a patch/hotfix so that I can apply it.  BTW I apply all hotfixes/patches in my dev environment first.  If they appear stable I move them to the test environment so that users can vet them, only after they pass that do they ever make it into a production system.  

    Why am I discriminated against just because I am a customer?

  • Hi Daniel

    First of all, I am confident the limitations are not personal, just business (as usual). ;-)

    Surely there will be skilled AX developers who are not eligible to access the Partner portal, but would be fully capable of handling the installation of a HotFix.

    I believe the whole concept of having a Partner restricted distribution of HotFixes is just as much business as QA. That is just how it works.

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • HI Tommy,

    It's disappointing but I think you are right.  Just another way to funnel money to a middleman that doesn't want to get cut out of the pie. I'm not saying that partners aren't necessary all the time.  There are times when they can be very useful.

    It's just kind of like a car manufacturer saying that you have to get all your servicing done at the dealership.  Or a phone OS provider saying that you have to get your patches through your carrier.

    I hope MS will change their mind and let us at least view the hotfixes. I'll have to bug someone when I'm at the next  developer conference.

  • Francisco, muito obrigado pelo este hyperlink!

  • Tommy,

    Good stuff as per usual.  Thanks for the link!  BTW, DMIEF is quite the tool!  Another topic for another forum!! :)

  • The lifecycle services that are in beta currently and will be released in early summer of this year, will allow a customer to search the knowledge base and will even show bugs that are OPEN. You can search by topic, but even by class or table name. If the bug is not resolved, you can sign up for alerts on it.

    So trust me, this is about to become a whole lot better :-)

  • AX2012 R2 Hot Fixes link is out of date, it doesn't even state that R2 CU1 is released.

    Although many partners get installation and deployment of hot fixes wrong, the reason is that to do this properly does require  procedure; include a code upgrade if the affected elements are updated in the update.

    This is vastly reduced not the element ids are shredded to a fine level, but code conflicts do still occur.

    The other reason is that for most customers, they buy and implement the solution through a partner. This partner typically assumes responsibility for their solution, and will therefore want a stake in the changes made to it. Especially when they have to pick up the pieces should it go wrong.

    I suspect revenue protection is involved, but plays a minor role - this is often loss making for partners.

    I also suspect that Microsoft won't want all the bugs in their software offerings to be public knowledge ;)

    This goes both ways, as I have seen partners being morally beaten into fixing bugs in Microsoft's software for free - as the customer sees that they paid the partner for the software, and expect it to work; and quickly.

    I would suggest that you should work with your partner, and develop and maintain clear implementation and deployment procedures; it isn't that hard, and Microsoft have published reasonable guides on how this should be done. You may spend 100s of thousands on High Availability, only to have the system down for a day due to clicking next a couple of times.

  • Well put, Simon... :-)

    Tommy Skaue | Dynamics AX Developer from Norway | |

  • Again, sign up for the lifecycle services beta. It's customer-driven, not partner driven, and hotfixes are part of that service (and lots more such as static code analysis, performance and setup checks, etc).

  • Just in case someone is looking for the link to Cumulative Update 1 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2.